Maya 2016 Extension 2 SP1

by autodesk
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This is full retail version not academic or student oem can use it forever have no time limite.comes only a dvd-r disk and all code needed,step by step installation instruction.

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Maya 2016 Extension 2 SP1

New features include a render setup system that makes it easier to render and manage complex scenes, Quick Rig tool, enhancements to Shape Authoring, new motion graphics toolset (based on Mainframe’s MASH procedural animation toolkit), etc.

New motion graphics toolset
The biggest single addition in Maya 2016 Extension 2 is the new motion graphics toolset, derived from Mainframe North’s Mash add-on, which Autodesk acquired last September.

Mash provided a set of 27 nodes that could be ‘daisy chained’ together to generate a huge range of customisable motion graphics effects, controllable from both Maya’s Attribute and Node Editors.

But for starters I put together a demonstration to highlight some of the most recent modeling updates. Here I will focus on what we are loosely calling “Technical Modeling”. As you’ve hopefully noticed over the the last several releases, we have really put a lot of effort into beefing up Maya’s modeling toolset and Extension 2 again includes dozens of improvements to a lot of the core modeling tools and workflows. This includes updates to standard tools like Bevel, Bridge, Wedge and Extrude. It also includes more general improvements to things like selection, transforms and pivots. and if you just can’t enough of this modeling stuff then you’re in luck. Trevor Adams (Maya Modeling Product Designer) has taken the time to put together a comprehensive review of pretty much every single modeling and UV related improvement. Trevor is largely responsible for all of the great modeling work that has been done in Maya over the last several years. If you compare modeling in Maya today to where is was just 3 years ago, it is a night and day difference.